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Clyde Fraley LLC
9391 Grogans Mill Rd Suite A5
The Woodlands TX, 77380

Clyde Fraley LLC is a private practice that provides marriage counseling, family therapy and individual therapy for those living in The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, and North Houston areas.

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Who I Work With

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT) conceptualize (fancy word for how we see the problem) and diagnose through the frame of the individual’s relationships. They believe that most problems are a result of dysfunctional relationship dynamics. Focusing on your relationships, family or romantic, is the cornerstone of my approach and guides me in treatment planing.


I'm trained to treat individuals, couples, and families with issues that consist of marital/relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety and many other psychological problems. In fact, research shows that family therapy is more effective in treating mood disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, autism in children, and marital distress than standard or individualized treatments.


Romantic relationships have evolved into something that demands much more from its partners. Partners are expected to provide friendship, emotional and sexual satisfaction all while offering encouragement for personal and professional growth. Combine this with child rearing and less social support and you get a recipe for a host of potential problems.


Couples that have trouble meeting these demands are at risk for depression, anxiety, substance abuse, infidelity and more. In addition, the children in these troubled relationships also present with many of the same symptoms.


Seeing a Marriage and Family Therapist allows the couple to work on the root of their marital problems. Better communication, increased empathy, and a higher level of sexual satisfaction are just a few benefits that can result from couples therapy. For more info on couples counseling click here. 


Blended families, single parent families, families in crisis, new families, and recently divorced families all come with their unique problems.  Marriage and family therapists understand the difficulties that come into the therapy office and are trained to help sort through all the emotions, thoughts and feelings they are experiencing.


The process of therapy can bring emotional regulation, new structure to the family, better understanding of why symptoms are occurring and help guide members to long lasting solutions. For more info on family counseling click here. 


Individuals explore their issues within the framework of their relationships when they sit in a session with me. When I do sessions with individuals, I conduct therapy as if the members of your family were there. I do this by asking questions about your problems within the context of your relationships. For  more info on individual therapy click here. 


Studies have shown that premarital counseling reduces divorce by up to 31%. Our sessions will focus on gaining  insight into various aspects of your relationship, such as communication styles, personalities, styles of conflict resolution, and more. For more info on premarital counseling click here. 

9391 Grogans Mill Rd Suite A5
The Woodlands TX, 77380